Announcing aPHRi/PHRi/SPHRi/GPHR Materials 2022

The best aPHRi PHRi SPHRi GPHR on the global market just got better with the launch of the new edition of IHRCI Prep Materials Online. In keeping with our tradition of delivering the best content for the greatest value, we have enhanced the prep materials 2022 with workbooks, test bank and the instructor PPT slides.  We continue to provide the superior study materials for HRCI candidates who have come to rely on to pass the aPHRi, PHRi, SPHRi and/or GPHR exam.
To prepare the aPHRi PHRi SPHR GPHR candidates of 2022, the updated materials comes with a variety of enhancements:
  • More practice questions: By adding new HRCI-released questions, we’ve made the largest test bank available even bigger while maintaining the exceptional coverage of our materials.
  • New course navigation: Our online platform is now easier to use yet still emulates the actual aPHRi PHRi SPHRi GPHR exam environment better than any other providers.
  • Fully updated content: We’ve refreshed our workbooks, test bank and PowerPoint slides based on the feedback from the global aPHRi PHRi SPHRi GPHR candidates and instructors.
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Note: If your membership is valid for one year from the time of purchase, you can download the updated workbooks and PPT slides (for instructor only) without addtional cost.