Unlock Your HR Potential: Master the 2024 PHRi & SPHRi Exams with Our Latest Prep Materials

Exciting changes are on the horizon for HR professionals seeking PHRi and SPHRi certifications! Effective March 1, 2024, the Exam Content Outlines (ECOs) for both PHRi and SPHRi will undergo significant updates to better reflect the evolving landscape of human resources management. These changes include the integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) concepts across several task statements, ensuring that our certifications continue to meet the highest standards of relevance and rigor.
Key Updates Include:
For PHRi: The functional areas of HR Administration and Shared Services have been removed and replaced with Business Management and Employee Engagement. 
For SPHRi: HRCI is introducing two new domains, Total Rewards and HR Information Management, Safety, and Security. Some domains have been renamed, and HR Service Delivery and Measurement and Analysis have merged into Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition.
At iHRCI, as an official HRCI material provider, we are committed to supporting your certification journey. In response to these updates, we have meticulously revised our PHRi and SPHRi workbooks and test banks. We've also overhauled our instructor PowerPoint slides, incorporating unique questions not found in the test bank to simulate the new exam formats.
For our current subscribers, we offer simultaneous access to both the 2023 and 2024 editions of our materials until February 29, ensuring a seamless transition. The 2023 materials will be automatically retired after this date.
If you haven't subscribed yet or your subscription has expired, now is the perfect time to invest in our latest, comprehensive preparation materials. Elevate your exam readiness and increase your chances of success with our extensively updated resources.
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PHRi: https://www.ihrci.org/product/phri

SPHRi: https://www.ihrci.org/product/sphri